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A holiday of a special kind means individual planning and advice. Our guest services would be happy to help on plan and organising your holiday time as required. Whether it is sporty activities, cultural sightseeing or simply shopping tips we have lots of ideas for you!
Of course we would love to show you many varied opportunities of our country. In the Salzburg area, throughout the whole of Austria and even its neighbouring countries there is plenty to see. We can organize your excursions with our hotel buses.

Here are a few examples of the most beautiful and interesting places to visit:

Hohenwerfen Castle
Bad Gastein - Werfen: 53 km

Hohenwerfen castle dominates the Salzach valley, around 40 km south of Salzburg.
It is majestically situated in the Tennen and Hagen mountain range. The castle is a sister fortress to the elevated Salzburg castle and dates back to the 11th Century.

Today the castle presents a real “castle experience” with a variety of events, such as concerts, festivals, theatre and traditional custom evenings. The historic Falconry, with daily exhibitions of its birds of prey in action, is a special attraction.

Zell am See
Bad Gastein - Zell am See: 43km

The small historical town of Zell am See lies in Pinzgau, a county of Salzburg.
It is a popular excursion for young and old alike. Along with the wonderful town centre, with lots of shopping opportunities, you can walk around Lake Zell or, weather permitting, cool off with a dip in the lake itself.
The ski area of Zell am See has over 70km of slopes. The Schmittenstein is the highest mountain at 2000 m and the 4 bubble car lifts invite you not only to ski, but to hike the mountains in summer.

Burg Mauterndorf
Bad Gastein - Mauterndorf: 106km

Lungau is the most southern district of Salzburg and has a special appeal for its guests. Its unusual natural landscape fascinated the Archbishop of Salzburg who built Castle Mauterdorf as his summer residence.

The Romans established a north-south trade route through the Hohe Tauern mountain range, through what is now the town of “Mauterndorf”. The caste was erected in the 13th century as toll station to protect the market town.

Today the castle Mauterndorf presents itself as an imposing historical building with an eventful past. The halls, arches, and chambers today exhibit life as it was in the middle ages (a travel through time to the 15th century), a landscape museum for the Lungau region and is also used as a cultural centre for various events.

Grossglockner alpine road
Bad Gastein - Bruck on the glockner road: 46 km

The nature experience of the Hohe Tauern National Park.

The Grossglockner high alpine road counts over a million guests per year, making it the most visited tourist attraction in Austria after Schönbrunn palace in Vienna.
A clear indication that the road built more that 65 years ago is a unique experience with an unbroken allure that guest can directly experience. By motorbikes, by car or by bus, guests drive through the Hohe Tauern National Park to the foot of the Grossglockner – at 3798m the highest mountain in Austria.

Bad Gastein - Werfen: 53 km

One of nature’s wonders – discover giant halls of ice, ice figures and natural sculptures. A visit to the unique ice caves is well worth the effort. Using carbide lamps you will explore the ice palace, the castle of the ice giants, and the shroud of the ice queen……..
The complete cave system stretches back over 42 km, although only the first 1 km is covered in ice. This is the part of the show caves that are open to the public.

In the summer months the temperature inside the caves is 0°C in average, so for the 1 hour tour warm clothing is definitely recommended.

Salzbergwerk Dürnberg
Bad Gastein - Hallein: 81km

The ride with the pit dogs and the quick slide on the 2 mine shaft slides are the highlights of the guided tour through the salt mines.

Travel through narrow caverns and wide halls, past glittering rock faces and on over the border into Germany, before reaching underground salt lakes. Cross these magical salt lakes on a raft, accompanied by an impressive light show and a mystical sounds.

Salzburger Open Air museum
Bad Gastein - Großgmain: 101km

60 farms, barns, mills, craft workers houses, huts from the 5th century as well as exhibitions and craft demonstrations make a visit to Großmain near Salzburg an unforgettable experience. An excursion for the whole family to remember!

Krimml Water Wonder World
Bad Gastein - Krimml: 97km

Experience life – experience water!
This fascinating attraction is for young and old alike. See for yourself what water can do. Informative, interesting and entertaining, the Krimml Water Wonder World will amaze and astonish you. Discover what is contained in every drop of water on our wonderful world.

Experience water in the Aqua Park
Walk through, surprise yourself, try this water attraction out and finally relax in the organic area. But be careful! Even here you may be splashed by “Aqua Max”, a water animated sculpture that can shock you with "a squirt of the life" with water that gushes through his veins.

Hellbrunn Zoo
Bad Gastein - Anif: 87km

Divided into sections by the Earths continents, you can travel round the world at the Salzburg Zoo..

Salzburg Cascades of Fountains

Cascades of fountains in Helbrun Castle always were a place of entertainment, huge celebrations, magnificent shows and an exposition of all the unusual. They yet remain the same.

"Salzburgerspiele" - Watergames

The Princes table, where Markus Sittikus received his guests, is where the trip through this marvel begins. Be amazed at the mechanical theatre with over 100 wooden figurines, driven by air and water. Experience the mystical mirror grotto and the crown grotto with their magical water surprises. Don`t forget the secret emblem of Hellbrunthat cheekily puts its tongue out to visitors.

Hellbrunn Palace

For the last 10 years the original Pavilion from „The Sound of Music“ has stood in the grounds of the Hellbrun Park. The Gazebo was originally located in the private gardens at Leopoldkron Castle but was relocated to enable public viewing. More than 250 000 fans of Julie Andrews Hollywood production “The Sound of Music” come to visit the Pavilion every year to see where the famous “16 going on 17” scene took place.

Mozart's Birth Place

House number 9 in the Getreidegasse is the place where the family of Leopold Mozart lived from 1747 to 1773. This is where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born, on 27th January 1756. The Mozart family house is now a museum. Famous exhibits include Mozart’s childhood Violin, his concert Violin, his Clavichord, his piano, portraits and Mozart family letters.

Salzburg Castle Fortress
Bad Gastein - Salzburg: 100km

Various outbuildings and the castles own chapel are all within the fortress enclosure. The Salzburg Castle has been converted since the end of the 19th Century. With the castle funicular railway, built in 1892, it takes about 1 minute to be whisked up to the Castle in comfort.

Today the enclosed fortress counts as the largest in Europe, with more than 14.000 s.m. of space. The Castle is Austrian state property, but has been administered by Salzburg County since 1953. The fortress consists of a romantic walled palace and various living areas – a core of education even today.

Bad Gastein – Venice: 470 km

This magical and unique city-in-the-water has more than 1500 years of history: from its formation to its elevation to queen of the seas, from its demise to its present position as one of the world`s most beautiful cities. St. Marks square, Ca`d`Oro Palace, Doges Palace, Santa Maria della Salute Chruch, Murano island, the bridge of sighs and much more.

Kehlstein House: 105 km

Since 1960 Kehlstein house has been administered by the Berchtesgarden tourism board and its mountain restaurant run by a private company.
This massive building with its meter thick walls offers visitors spectacular panoramic views of the Berchtesgarden countryside. Even from the parking area to Kehlstein itself an impressive show awaits: A 124 meter long tunnel guides you through the massive cliffs to an ostentatious copper clad lift which will whisk you the 124 meters up to the Kehlstein house in 41 seconds!.

Eagles Nest:
Around 300,000 tourists stream annually to Kehstein house, high above the Obersalzburg – a gift from the National Socialist party to Adolf Hitler for his 50th birthday.

The people in and around Berchtesgarden leave National Socialist politics firmly in the past, but live well from and with Obersalzburg`s history. No one knows more about it than Schorsch Winkler, a bus driver who has made more than 7000 trips with thousands of visitors up to Hitlers former house. The film authors Nina Kleinschmidt and Henri Wagner have accompanied him on one of his tours and come face to face with those visitors in Obersalzberg, to experience what is still today a piece of Bayern Alpine idyl.

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