The Lipo-massage is a technology which is scientifically proved and comes from the medical science.

The 6 main aims are:
*Reduction of the local adipositis
*Reduction of cellulite
*Tightening of the skin
*Smoothing of the contours
*Rebuilding of the skin elasticity
*Advancement of the silhouette

At the beginning of the treatment there will be pictures of the body zones shot to make the difference after the treatment visible.

Dynamic treatment:
Always comfortable, never aggressive:
Due to one of a kind technology the Lipo-massage has a huge effectiveness. The cooperation between the therapist and the patient ensures the great success. Basing on the anatomical knowledge and skills of the health care professional identifies the problems and tunes the therapy fine. The professional training of the therapist guarantees a successful treatment. Also the patient's active assistance is required, i.e. muscle contraction in the treated areas.

The Lipo-massage can be done every 2nd day, in the interval the exercises (i.e., Nordic walking) is recommended.

10 treatments (+2 additional treatments) EUR 790,00
About 35 minutes each treatment

10 treatment (+2 additional treatments) EUR 490,00
About 20 minutes each treatment – facial only

Single treatment EUR 89,00
About 35 minutes

Single treatment EUR 59,00
About 20 minutes – facial only

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