Experience the fascinating mountain world of the Gastein valley! Whether you prefer a comfortable trip to one of the mountain huts or a challanging mountain tour – there is an adequate tour for everyone!

The mountains can be climbed on foot or with the cable car during the summer. Hover at the heights with the cable car at the Stubnerkogel or the Graukogel (Bad Gastein) the Schloßalm (Bad Hofgastein or the Fulseck (Dorfgstein). Enjoy an exciting view over the mountain scenary „Hohe Tauern“, take a breath of the fresh and clean mountain air, indulge the variety of the colorful alpine plants and discovery the home terretory of the wild life in the mountains!

Perceive the most beautiful sides of the nature close to the national park „Hohe Tauern“ (second-largest in Europe).

An overview of the most beautiful hiking trails at the Gastein valley

Erzherzog Johann Promenade
Outgoing from the Mozartplatz follow the flat esplanade Erzherzog Johann Promenade to the Streitberggut until the Gasthof Schneeberg.
Lenght: app 2 km
Walking time: approx. 45 minutes
It is possible to continue the hiking trail into the Angertal or to Bad Hofgastein

Kaiser Wilhelm Promenade – Hoteldorf Grüner Baum – Prossau
From the town centre (right from the St. Preimskirche) walk to the Kaiser Wilhelm esplanade to the Hoteldorf Grüner Baum. Along this path enjoy a wonderful view over the Gastein valley. Please do not forget to take nuts with you as there are squirrels on the way and they are used to be fed by the strollers! From the Hoteldorf Grüner Baum you have the possibility to walk towards the Kötschachtal - Prossau.
Lenght to the Hoteldorf Grüner Baum: approx. 3 km
Walking time: approx. 45 Minuten.

From the bus stop „Gemeindesiedlung“ (Raiffeisenbank Bad Gastein) towards Palfnergraben. Having passed the bridge start a steep ascent upwards on mountain road to height of "Vindishgrets", then easy descent through height "Rudolf", crossing Kyotshahtal street to a promenade of Emperor Wilhelm. Comfortable hiking trail with a wonderful view overlooking the mountains and the village.
Lenght: approx. 4 km
Walking time: approx. 1,5 hours

Böckstein – Naßfeld
Hotel Evianquelle – Astenalmen – along the cascades (Kesselfall, Schleierfall und Bärenfall) into the Nassfel.
Lenght: approx. 7 km
Walking time: ca. 2,5 hours

Böckstein – Böckfeldalm – Zittraueralm
Starting point is the parking lot at the Hotel Rader, Böckstein. The path is constantly uphill and guids through the mountains to the Böckfeldalm or. Zittraueralm.
Walking time: appros. 1 hour

Höhenweg nach Bad Hofgastein

Walking time to Cafe Hubertus – Bad Hofgastein 2 hours
The „Hohenweg“ (high path) is one of the most beautiful walks in the Gastein valley, connecting Bad Gastein and Bad Hofgastein. The path way was first made between 1934 and 1938. It follows along the west side of the Gamskarkogel mountain, crossing the Kaiser promenade and finally reaching the Hubertus Cafe.

From here you can walk to the north and within a few minutes cross the wooden bridge over the Remsach stream. Following the Höhenweg path, after around 10 minutes you will come to the Gedaunen gorge, where a lot of cliffs had to be removed to make the path. The wooden bridge that used to cross the stream was often damaged by snow and ice in springtime, so a tunnel was built into the cliff behind the stream - it enables you to cross to the other side of the gorge comfortably. This part of the path in view of its bold causeway through the vertical cliff is a special highlight of the walk.

After leaving the gorge, the path begins gradually to descend towards Bad Hofgastein, past farmhouses, through forest and meadows and varying alpine landscapes. After the snack station Café Gamskar there follow a steeply falling road down to Bad Hofgastein - altogether around a two hour walk. (Bus connection back to Bad Gastein).

Gastein Arena

The Gastein arena refers to the three towns of Bad Gastein, Bad Hofgastein and Dorgastein, a length of 121 km over 11 well signposted routes with varying degrees of difficulty. At heights ranging between 830 to 1600 meters above sea level there are loads of wonderful opportunities for everyone to enjoy running, walking or hiking.

Sportgastein - Toni Sailer route
Starting at Stubnerkogel lift station (0,26 km of shingle pathway) - Kaiser Elisabeth Promenade (after 2,8km it becomes asphalt) - Soldiers Graveyard Böckstein – through Böckstein to the toll road – turn right up hill – (3,52 km) bear off to Evianquelle – 4,68 km to the Gastein Heilstollen (dirt track) 5,4 km to Astenalm hut – 7,4 km Sauschniederklapf (resting place) – after 7,68 cross over a long bridge, and change to the other side of the valley - 8,52 km Electicity plant, start of Asphalted road, rejoin the toll road – 9,30 km parking area of Goldberg lift station – after the parking area a dirt path – 9,5 km Wooden cross – bear right as the path gently steepens up to the alpine huts Schareck and Moiser – down to Nassfeld hut (11,41km) – right straight on until Veitbauer hut (13,08 km) – left to Brantdner hut – right again to Nassfeld hut – straight on to the parking area (15,95 km) – from here back to Böckstein the same way – 22,42 km, Böckstein, right over the river, then left onto the Achenweg path back to the valley station (25,88 km).
Characteristic: Strenuous tour.

Prossau - Franz Klammer Strecke
Kongressplatz – Kaiser Wilhelm Promenade – Kötschach valley Grüner Baum – dirt path to Gasthof Prossau (8,2 km) – the same way back to Kötschach valley – Kaiser Wilhelm Promenade – (14,18 km) branching off through the forest path to Rudolfs höhe – 14,57 km cross the Kötschach road – further along the forest road to the forest café Rudolfshöhe – 15,85 km, cross the ski piste – 16,11 km chairlift – 16,44 km Schach chapel – 16,63 km Windischgrätzhöhe (start of asphalt road) – Palfner road – turn right, Karl Heinrich Waggerl road – turn right steep decline down to Kongressplatz (19,40 km).
Characteristic: Strenuous tour.

Vorderschneeberg - Kötschachdorf - Toni Innauer route
Kongressplatz – Kaiser Franz Joseph road – (0,7 km) cross the main road – (0,8 km dirt track) Archduke Johann Promenade (2,28 km asphalt) in front of the farm house – (2,68 km) meadow and forest path from the farm house – continuous decline to Vorderschneeberg – (3,6 km) start of asphalt – underpass main road – cross the Ache river – then right to the dirt track along the Ache river into Kötschach village – asphalt road left, shortly after right again – dirt path towards Kötschach valley – 600m before the bridge is an asphalt road – turn right after the bridge, join the Kaiser Wilhelm Promenade (dirt path) - Kongressplatz (9,70 km).
Characteristic: strenuous tour, partly over poorly maintained pathways.

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