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If you are wondering about something in Gastein, then you will sure be wondering about four skiing areas you may select for skiing or snowboarding.

More than 200 kilometers of well prepared pists which are situated up to 2700 metres above sea level offer something for everybody. Proffesionals, skiers, boarders or carvers - everyone is welcome.
The different sorts of pists, like the family downhill, the carving slopes, the deep powder snow pists or the mogul slopes offer different levels of difficulty: 60 kilometer for beginners, 117 kilometers for advanced skiiers and 24 kilometers for profis .
Enjoy well prepared and diversified down hill runs in Gastein!

Choose between the interconnected areas of the Stubnerkogel-Angertal-Schlossalm and Dorfgastein-Großarl, that provides a permanent race course, the world champion ship Graukogel with its long and difficult down hill races and the high alpine Sportgastein.The ideal altitude and the wide spreaded snow cannons guaranties snow from the end of November till late April.

Choose the right material already in the hotel. Find skies, carving skies and snowboards at the hotel own ski rental.
Buy your lift tickets directly at the hotel Front Desk (starting with 2 days), that you can start skiing right at the lift station. We do offer a complementary shuttle service from the Hotel to the lift station Stubnerkogel.

For everyone who would like to learn to ski or just wand to improve his or her skiils we are more then pleased to arrange skiing lessons in one of the ski schools.

An overview of the best ski tours at the Gastein valley:

Schlossalm-Angertal-Stubnerkogel - Hohe Scharte route Nr. H1, H2 and H2a
• Length: approx. 8 km
• Height difference: 1460 m
This ski route has the most dramatic height difference in the whole of the Eastern Alpine region. Aside from the lifts, it`s a purely natural experience and a sporting challenge as well as a change to enjoy the alpine landscape. From Bad Hofgastein ski station with the funicular railway, the cable car, 6 seater Weitmoser chair lift and finally the 2 seater Hohe Scharte chair lift up to the start of the run at a height of 2300 m. Route Nr. H 1 passes into H 2 and H 2a (Aeroplan) to the base of the Schloßalm valley station (840 m).

Schlossalm-Angertal-Stubnerkogel - Route Nr. B 19 and B 20
• Length: approx. 6 km
• Height difference: 1050 m
The route from Bad Gastein with the Stubnerkogel bubble car down into the Angertal ski centre area with the Angertal lift and Jungeralm lift. Route Jungeralm B 19 on the north-eastern side of the Stubnerkogel turns into the black Bürgerwald run – route B 20 into the Angertal ski centre area.

Sportgastein - Ski-Route 1
• Length: approx. 4 km
• Starting point: Valley station Goldberg lift (2.650 m)
This about 4 km route 1 runs the steep slopes underneath the Goldberg ski lift in the Knappernäuerlsee direction and then carries on southerly to the middle station.

Sportgastein - Ski-Route 2
• Length: approx. 2,2 km
• Starting point: Intersection S3 / S6
The route 2 can be reached via S 3 or S 6 as by route 1. The route begins relatively steeply and leads over an ever-increasing steep slope to the valley base. When you reach the base of the valley, the cross country tracks lead you back to the Goldberg lift station.

Graukogel - FIS-Rennstrecke Nr. B 6 und B 3Sportgastein - Ski-Route 1
• Length: approx. 4 km
• Height difference: 880 m
Starting out from Bad Gastein with the Graukogel-chair lift I and II. Black run B3, FIS racing stretch (1958 world championship run), or B 6 (partly unprepared) back to the middle station, or further on to the valley station via the B4 route.

Dorfgastein-Großarltal – Fulseck piste
From Fulseck (highest point of the Dorfgastein-Großarl ski area 2033m) the route leads through the high alpine paradise into the forest lined slopes to the middle station, where those with any strength left in their calf muscles can carry the trip on via the Brandlalm slopes into the valley below.

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