Thermal water tubs

Thermal baths

The Bad Gastein thermal water is famous for its healing effects when treating Rheumatics, Gout, Asthma, Leptospirosis, Bechterews disease, Arthritis in the back and joints as well as slipped disks.

The special mix of the waters ingredients, such as minerals, trace elements and natural Radon are what make it unique. Our thermal water works to activate the body`s heart and circulation system, which is why we can only offer ONE trial bath without a doctor's recommendation.

After the trial bath if you would like to take further bath treatments we will be happy to organise an appointment with our cure doctor.

The water temperature in the bath is 37-38°C. The body is heated from within and the body´s metabolism increases. That is why it is important to rest for at least ½ hour to an hour after the bath and also to drink plenty of water.

One trial bath lasts approx. 20 Minutes EUR 15,00
One Cure bath lasts approx. 20 Minutes EUR 15,00


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