Segment reflexology point pressure massage

Segment reflex zone massage

A massage that gets under the skin!

The segment reflex zone massage is a form of massage that works on the reflexes of the Kuti Visceral zones. Thousands of nerve terminals in the skin are directly connected with the body organs.
The buffer zone of the organs are mainly found in the back area and are often incorrectly identified as muscle pain that cannot be alleviated by normal massage techniques. The effects can be a radiating pain of the specific organ that is either over or under energized.

20 different massage points that by gentle pressure alleviate the swelling and blockages in the connective tissues, helping to ease pain.

For a lasting effect, at least 5 treatments are recommended. Segment reflex zone massage can also be used as a preventative treatment.

Single treatment lasts approx. 25 Minutes EUR 35,00

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