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Sanus per Aquam

The Gastein cure is legendary and the thermal water is world famous for its healing properties. Just a few steps away from the hotel you can hear the rushing of the imposing waterfall. The unique radon water from the spring is the additional component of the revitalising cocktail for the body as well as an important part of the spa and wellness program.

Our direct connection to the thermal springs enables us to offer a host of cure and well-being therapy.

Our hotel has its own thermal water pipe – it means that our thermal water comes directly from the Gastein springs. The hotels own Spa & Wellness area includes a thermal water indoor pool with integrated springs, various saunas (Danarium, Finnish sauna, Tepidarium, Brine Steam bath...) and an exclusive Babor Spa & Beauty centre.

Escape the everyday stress – relaxation is the main ingredient of staying at the Elisabethpark hotel! In our exclusive Babor Spa and Wellness area beneficial massages, relaxing baths and a range of relaxing beauty and wellness treatments await you!

We recommend booking your spa and wellness appointments as soon as possible to get the times you prefer.

Are you interested in how " from top to toe“ being well feels? Then book your own individual wellness program!

Our Thermal Swimming Pool:
The thermal water swimming pool has a temperature of 30° C, and its beneficial effects are briefly described below:
The Gastein thermal water is lightly mineralised and contains natural inert radon gas. The radon is inhaled or absorbed through the skin, then deploys it beneficial effects before being completely exhausted and expelled within a few hours.
Radon regenerates the function of damaged cells in a natural way, it mobilises the body`s own resistances and let the organism recover. Additionally the warmth of the thermal water has a positive and stimulating effect.
The radon insertion results from the supply of cold air. As the hot water comes from the spring at temperatures over 40°C, it is air cooled to 32°C and the inert radon gas is released.

Our Saunas


This organic sauna is a variation that is kind to the body`s circulation system, with a humidity of around 50% and maximum temperature of 50°. The organic sauna has an integrated light therapy which is proven to have a positive influence on the organism and helps aids relaxation.

Brine steam bath
Fine particles of sea salt brine are released into the steam at regular intervals.
The combination of brine and steam with the radiating warmth of the room creates a climate comparable to the southern ocean regions. The temperature hovers at around 45 degrees and soothes the body`s airways, lungs and bronchial passages.

Finnish Sauna
In the Finnish sauna there is the temperature of between 85 and 90 degrees and humidity levels of 10 to 30%. As these conditions lead to high moisture loss, the body purifies and detoxifies, the circulation system is stimulated and blood flow increases. Sauna visits should only last for around 15 minutes each period, afterwards allow the body cool down and relax quietly.

The Tepidarium is a body temperature Sauna, with temperature level of 30 to 50 degrees - gene rating and so called “healthy fever” (39 degrees). This “healthy fever” strengthens the immune system, relaxes muscles and helps to ease limb and joint pain.

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